Michael Tarter, President & Founder of IH Images
Grandson of Irving Haberman

IH Images

IH Images is home to more than 8,000 original negatives and vintage prints taken by award-winning photojournalist Irving Haberman. Based in Studio City, CA, the company was formed in 2009 and is led by Haberman's grandson, Michael Tarter.

The inspiration for IH Images started back in 1995 when Tarter spearheaded an agreement with Rizzoli to publish a coffee table book of his grandfather's work: Eyes on an Era: 4 Decades of Photojournalism. The book featured commentary by Walter Cronkite and a comprehensive biography on Haberman written by Miles Barth, then Curator at the International Center of Photography (ICP). The book launch coincided with an exhibition at ICP and select prints remain there as part of its permanent collection. Haberman's family is forever grateful to Cronkite and Barth, along with Three Trees Entertainment for their help elevating Haberman's stature amongst the top photographers of his era and making his dream of a book of his photos come true.

Over the years, IH Images has been a passion project for Tarter. The company has become a valuable resource for interior designers, home staging companies, galleries, retailers, publishers and individual collectors who seek images of iconic personalities, historic news events and extraordinary people. IH Images is dedicated to establishing Haberman as one of the premiere photographers of his era and making his work available worldwide through the sale and licensing of his images.